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  1. DragonLord Seth says:

    If they were trying to drive it, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t be able to steer/accelerate due to being too Amal and having no thumbs.

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  2. Willy says:

    Rhii; Hi and thanks=) Well, the begigst reason was that it just was a color I didn t feel like “me” in. I was asked by Tuomas to dye my hair black in the audition process and it came to be a part of my NW identity. Then I went blond at some point and felt more like me again and then this May I was so sick and tired of having to dye my hair roots every 3rd week and it made my hair suffer in quality, so me and Amal (my hairdresser) decided to take it off as much as we could and then let my own hair color come out. Now my own hair color is the one from the roots and I love it. So now I will let my own color come out and then just do some highlights to make it look more alive;=) Sleep well!Nina; Hi! No, I only cut it. I guess its the camera I am using;=)Pascal: Hi and thanks! The same to you=)Beatrix; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, the mask was great and when I woke up I felt so much softer and nicer in the skin;=) I can recommend it!Matotu; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words;=)Carol; Hi and thanks;=) yeah, many who want longer hair do the bad thing of not cutting the hair and believing it will grow better and faster, but the quality of the hair (in most cases) are so bad after a while that they need to cut more off than if they would had cut 1 cm every 3rd month;=)Thedeadunicorn; Hi and thanks;=)Me9l: hi and thanks;=) The dress is from a brand called HIGH.

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  3. Aldair says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good innromatiof!

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