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  1. Heather says:

    These are awesome…this is my fave.

    Keep up the great…err…average work. :)

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  2. ninjaroo says:

    Yes they are, it’s the opposable thumbs that are the problem. Ever try installing a new ram stick without thumbs?

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  3. MCIA says:

    Well, if you can manage to slide it into place by whacking it around and then installing it by whacking it in, I suppose it’d be possible :)
    But cat’s don’t even get the concept of RAM so there’s no point.

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  4. StealthyMuse says:

    I disagree. They probably are smart enough, they just don’t see why they would want to do that when it might result in their human spending more time on the computer and less time paying attention to them.

    Also, they lack opposable thumbs.

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  5. Lillith says:

    Cat’s definitely don’t have the kind of intelligence required to operate a computer or to upgrade ram. But they can open doors. There is always that.

    I think that this is average.


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  6. Lukahn says:

    I laughed, then realised that I have the exact same laptop. Spooky.

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  7. Charlie Weasley says:


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  8. Shane says:

    The thing I don’t get is, this site is all about promoting an “average view” of cats that seeks to not anthropomorphize them. But, in judging them to have “not enough intelligence” to do a certain task we are judging them based on a human intelligence and skill, and thus comparing them to humans. In doing so, we are assuming that the only type of intelligence that should be comparable (or, really, worthy of note) is human-based, which seems like a much more serious form of anthropomorphism to me than attributing a like of cheeseburgers to them or whatever. I have no problem with the claim that cats “don’t get RAM”, but it seems less assumptive to attribute that to a lack of utility of this concept for cats rather than using human intelligence as a basis to judge the being of other living entities, which is a much more insidious yet grandiose assumption of the Modern World (and of course I’m generalizing, I’m sure many people out there view other living things as having different kinds of intelligences).

    I didn’t mean to single out this picture at all, for it seems like the site as a whole is all about this claim. And trust me, I still appreciate the humor, and some of the pictures are great with that kind of deadpan tone to the descriptions. I just wanted to add my opinion to the pot. I promise you, I do like humor!

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  9. Sarah spelled with a 'h' says:


    I’m intrigued by your observation. Amazing wit and humor aside, anthropomorphism is an interesting phenomenon. Cats are an especially tantalizing case of this (see But lolcats represent not just a special case of anthropomorphism but also, at this point, a meme with a lasting impact spawning from, but distinct from, kitty cats.

    It seems that the most fascinating aspect of average cats is not the physical limitations of cats, or limits on their intelligence as measured in a human sense. It’s really the personhood of cats which we are fascinated by. Unlike most cases of anthropomorphism where I might be speaking of an inanimate object as though it had thoughts and desires, cats do in fact have a limited level of intelligence. We tend to extrapolate beyond their intelligence and assume full-blown personhood quite often, which is largely why we find them so much cuter than other animals. But practicality brings with it it’s own humor, a less gaggingly seraphic and much more grammatically correct humor.

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  10. lulzfish says:

    Interesting idea.

    Cats do not have a use for computers, so it is not fair to say they “aren’t smart enough” to upgrade RAM.

    Also, the RAM on most computers is behind at least one panel that would need to be unscrewed, and cats cannot operate screwdrivers, because screwdrivers are designed for human hands.

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  11. Billy Mays' Ghost says:

    This will SAVE YOUR LIFE! Oxi-Clean is still in style! Just get Oxi-Clean and you’ll know what I am talking about! OXI-CLEAN WILL SAVE YOU LIFE!

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  12. Jackie says:

    Omgggggggggggggg i have the same laptop

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  13. @Shane: You’ve got a very good point. I’m sure that a cat, if we were to scale such measurements appropriately, could be easily intelligent enough to insert a RAM card into a slot, if we base this against a similar task more readily adapted for feline goings-on as opposed to considering them “unintelligent” because of their incapacity to perform tasks which, frankly, elude many humans. I think the flaw in the wording above is that we assume “aptitude at certain skills” to mean “intelligence”.

    I wonder how many good mousers humanity has produced compared to felines.

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  14. Lady Dragonshade says:

    Cats can however wipe your hard drive by walking across your keyboard when you are running DOS. True story…

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  15. SemiInterestedBistander says:

    Agrees with above. By a cats way of thinking we could be considered unintelligent because we lack the ability to track and hunt smaller prey, such as mice.

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  16. SnazzyCactus says:

    My friend’s cat was on google one time.

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  17. Ceiling kitteh says:

    Basment cat has gon on teh NET! FEAR!!1

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  18. tay(: says:

    way to be obvious. you should actually makr these pictures funny

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  19. Shane says:

    Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written here, but I just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone who responded to my post and put their ideas in as far as this goes. I think my issue with “anthropomorphism” meaning that we “falsely attribute personhood where there isn’t any for a desired effect” (such as humor or literary tone) is my issue with the way that the concepts of “personhood” and “the beingness of humans” have seemed to melded into one concept, an equivocation or something. Thus, if something does not have human intelligence, or even if we grant them a “limited sort of intelligence,” some may assume it doesn’t have personhood (which, I guess I would define at this point as “the quality of an entity which enables will and the ability to act according to that will).

    Another issue of this sort that brings us further down the Rabbit Hole is the idea that personhood can only be attributed to things that are biological in form, or more definitely, have a biological form even more closely-related to humans, such as those which have a spinal cord and a nervous system close to ours.

    Anyways, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I thank people again for their insights, which have reminded me that the above issue is what I’m concerned with. Basically, there could be other “persons” out there that are not human, and we could be misunderstanding them or dismissing them entirely simply because they do not have a body similar to ours, or that they do not interact with the world in the same way we do. I noticed this specifically because of the wording that SuccessfulTroll laid before us, which is, that “”aptitude at certain skills”" may have been included to “mean “intelligence”".

    Thank you again to all those who responded, and again, I’m sorry for my rants! I just think this is a very important issue and stance that humans generally take for granted, and sites like this or others may show an unconscious tendency to take a stance towards other beings which might grant them a personhood we have not even realized before. Thank you, again!

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  20. Paige says:

    In response to all the very interesting anthromorphism posts, I am personally of the belief that humans, if anything, are the least intelligent. Of course we shouldn’t be judging cat’s or any animal’s intelligence on how well they can mimic us – it’s really rather vain to assume that we are superior to everything. How can we really know whether we’re advanced as we believe we are?

    If you take a second to think about our existence as a race, you’ll realise just how important appearance is to us. It seems to me that improving on how things look isn’t at all worthwhile, and when you compare that to animals, who focus on survival for the most part and being happy, it doesn’t seem to me that we’re as advanced as we think. Humans seem to spend their days finding more ways to be miserable – setting higher standards that are nearly impossible for the public to achieve which for the most part ends in failure. Those who do meet todays standards are still not complete and are just continuously expected more of.

    It just seems to me that even if judging other species on our own achievements was right, humans would be losing.

    But then again, how can we really know at all? When someone discovers the meaning of life, I’ll re-evaluate my beliefs and then we’ll really see the superior race. For the moment however, I choose to believe that the greatest achievement is happiness. I think cats, and any other animals, are far happier than humans, whether we think/know it or not.

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  21. I have got one recommendation for your webpage. It looks like there are a number of cascading stylesheet problems while opening a number of web pages inside google chrome and opera. It is running okay in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check this.

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